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What it is: Burritodilla— Frankenquesdailla’s monster 

Chipotle has an internal policy that says it will make virtually any dish a customer asks for as long as the ingredients are on hand. And while there’s no official secret menu at the chain, there are a number of off-the-books items that have gained popularity in recent years. One of which is the Burritodilla. 

A sibling of the monstrous Quesarito, a 1500+ calorie behemoth a writer from Fast Company had the courage to eat, the Burritodilla is a more manageable dish but requires a little finesse to obtain.

If the worker at Chipotle doesn’t know what a Burritodilla is here’s how to order it: Have them make a burrito with about half of whatever ingredients you like and try to stay away from messy stuff like guacamole. Then add cheese. A lot of cheese. (Our guy used a baseball sized amount.) Have the tortilla folded into a half circle and then put on the giant circular press.

After 3 minutes out will come an impossibly cheesy, goopy dish that’s not quite a burrito and not quite a quesadilla. Don’t expect to be hungry for at least 18 hours after consuming. #onthego

Written by: Danny Dumas
Photos by: Jon Snyder


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