Dynamo Donut - Bacon Foccacia


Location: 2760 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

On the spectrum of sweets, there are those who believe that donuts skew towards the low-rent end of the continuum — more closely related to populist jello than hoity-toity creme brulee.

But those holey haters clearly haven’t been to Sara Spearin’s Dynamo Donuts & Coffee.

Her menu reads like a lineup of donut debutantes: Chocolate Rose, Caramel de Sel, Candied Orange Blossom and most famous and coveted of all, the Maple Glazed Bacon Apple. 

What could possibly be more gratifying then a Maple Glazed Bacon Apple donut? We met up with Spearin in the relatively wee hours (8:15am!) and found that fittingly, Dynamo’s hidden gem springs from the seeds of the Bacon Donut.

What it is: Bacon Foccacia
According to Spearin, “We use the dough left over from our bacon donut, roll it thin, let it rise and top it with roasted vegetables and olive oil and bake it.” The day we were there the foccacia was topped with butternut squash and green onions.

What We Think: Hot, soft, and buttery, this is melt-in-your mouth donut alternative is a savory treat. It left us hoping Dynamo would install a permanent foccacia factory.

Inside Info: Once enjoyed exclusively by workers, the bacon foccacia was offered up to customers after Dynamo staffers grew tired of keeping it to themselves. They make it almost every day, but not more than 8-16 slices. You’ve got to get there early (it came out of the oven around 8:20 am) to snag a slice.

Written by: Kat Manalac & Danny Dumas
Photos by: Jon Snyder